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How do I report abuse of an animal?
See Animal Control

How do I report abuse of a child?
Report suspected child abuse to local law enforcement and Child Protective Services.
Hotline (880) 252-5400.

How do I report abuse of an elderly person?
Report suspected elder abuse or neglect to local law enforcement and Adult Protective Services.
Hotline 1-800-252-5400.

How do I report Nursing Home neglect?
Report suspected neglect at a nursing home to local law enforcement and the Texas Department of Aging and Disablility.
Hotline (800) 458-9858.

How do I report domestic violence or spousal abuse?
Report suspected domestic violence and spousal abuse to local law enforcement and to Victim Services.

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What are Kendall County's Animal Control Rules?
Kendall County Animal Control Rules

How do I report animal cruelty?
Contact an Animal Control Officer or local law enforcement before providing emergency food, water, and medical care. Take photographs and provide owner information to the Animal Control Officer.

How do I contact Animal Control?
Kendall County Animal Control
702 FM 289
Comfort, Texas 78013
(830) 537-3430

City of Boerne Animal Control and Shelter
330 Esser, Boerne, Texas 78006
Telephone (830) 249-2456

Where are the animal shelters?
City of Boerne Animal Shelter
330 Esser
Boerne, Texas 78006
Telephone (830) 249-2456

What are the regulations for dogs in Kendall County?
Kendall County has adopted the following orders pertaining to animal control:

Rabies Prevention and Animal Control Order (adopted 1/28/1997), which specifies that dogs and cats must possess current rabies vaccinations and be under reasonably effective restraint on his own premises and shall not be allowed to run at large. Dogs that bark, whine or howl excessively may impounded as a Public Nuisance under Sec. 5.2. For a copy of the order, contact our office.

Order Prohibiting the Keeping Of Wild Animals (adopted 1/14/2002), which specifies the keeping of dangerous wild animals is prohibited in Kendall County.: lions, tigers, ocelots, cougars, leopards, cheetah, jaguars, bobcats, lynx, servals, caracals, hyenas, bears, coyotes, jackals, baboons, chimpanzees, orangutans, gorillas, and hybrids of these animals. For a copy of the order, contact our office.

What are the regulations concerning livestock running free?
Kendall County is not free range, and livestock is not permitted to run at large.

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How do I clear a warrant?
Contact the warrant officer at the Kendall County Sheriff's Office (830) 249-9721.

How do I post a bond?
Upon arrest, you will be brought before a magistrate judge who will set a bond amount to ensure your appearance in court. You may post a cash bond or surety bond. If a cash bond is posted, the full amount is held by the Court Clerk until the disposition of the case. At the conclusion of the case, the cash bond is refunded to the person who posted the bond. If you have a lack of funds, you may want to secure the services of a bail bondsman. The bondsman will post the bond for a percentage fee. In most cases, there is no refund of the fee at the conclusion of the case. All conditions of the magistrate and the bail bondsman must be kept. In certain cases, a person may be "held without bond".

How do I locate a bail bondsman?
The jail maintains a list of bondsmen who regularly provide services to prisoners.

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How do I get a court-appointed attorney?
Attorneys may only be appointed in criminal cases of the penalty range of Class B misdemeanor and higher for cases filed in Juvenile Court and the County Court At Law.  If you are indigent and cannot afford an attorney, the court will appoint an attorney to represent you. Contact the County Clerk to obtain an application. The new attorney should be contacted without delay. In some cases, the court may assess restitution for attorney's fees back to Kendall County should the defendant be found guilty of the crime.

Will you refer me to a good attorney?
The County Attorney's Office must refrain from making a direct referral. Seek an attorney early who practices in the specific area of law required--Criminal, Family, Real Estate, Probate, or Civil Litigation. Referrals may be obtained from the yellow pages, the Kendall County Bar Association, the State Bar of Texas Referral Service or from a good friend. It may be helpful to make a list of questions to ask each attorney so that their answers may be compared.

How do I apply for legal aid?
Legal Aid is provided by various agencies at low cost or no cost to qualifying indigent persons in oppressive situations. Try the following:

  • Texas Rural Legal Aid Inc., (888) 988-9996 (San Antonio)
  • Alamo Area Resource Center (210) 222-2347 (San Antonio)
  • Bexar County Legal Aid (210) 227-0111
  • San Antonio Bar Association Pro Bono Project (210) 227-8822
  • Kerr County Pro Bono Project (830) 896-4316
  • Texas Legal Resources
  • Legal Services and Other Advocacy in Texas
  • Texas Pro Bono Projects
  • State Bar of Texas

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What is Commissioners Court?
Commissioners Court is the governing body for Kendall County. A county can only act through its commissioners court, and the individual commissioners have no authority to bind the county by their separate actions or agreements. Below we've provided a link to the website of Texas Legislature OnLine, which offers support in researching the Texas Statutes.

What is the regular schedule?
The Kendall County Commissioners Court meets at 9:00 o'clock a.m. on the second and fourth Mondays of each month.

How do I get on the agenda?
Agenda items must be posted at least 72 hours prior to the start of each Commissioners Court. To get a topic posted, contact the County Judge.

Commissioners Court consists of open and closed sessions. The public is welcome to attend all open sessions. Executive (closed) sessions are held to deliberate certain matters pursuant to the Texas Open Meetings Act.

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How do I obtain information on Consumer Rights?

Information regarding consumer rights may be obtained from the website of the Consumer Protection Agency of the Attorney General Of Texas or call (800) 621-0508.

How do I evict someone from my property?
An eviction process is called a Forcible Entry and Detainer suit. The process occurs in the Justice of the Peace Court. Contact your Justice of the Peace for more information.

How do I file a lawsuit for loss and damages, or how do I file a small claim?
When a person suffers a loss or damage to person or property, a lawsuit may be filed for the purpose of recovering restitution. Claims that involve an amount of less than $10,000 may be filed in the Justice of the Peace Courts. Though an attorney may be beneficial, one is not required in the Justice of the Peace Court.

For certain types of claims above $10,000, suit must be filed in the District Court or County Court of Law.  Consultation with an attorney in private practice is recommended if you are considering filing suit.  The attorney can evaluate your claim and give you advise concerning such matters and the proper court with jurisdiction.

Contact the District Clerk's Office at (830) 249-9343 or your Justice of the Peace office.

How do I fix a problem on my vehicle title?
For questions about the Texas motor vehicle registration and titling process, contact:

The Texas Department of Transportation TxDOT)
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
125 E. 11th Street
Austin, Texas 78701-2483

(512) 465-7611
TDD: (512) 302-2110

Most customer services relating to vehicle titling and registration in Texas are performed at the County Tax Office. In Kendall County, contact:

James Hudson
Kendall County Tax Assessor-Collector

P.O. Box 1377
201 E. San Antonio Street, Suite 105
Boerne, Texas 78006-1377
Telephone (830) 249-9343
Fax (830) 249-4701
Email james.hudsontac@co.kendall.tx.us

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COUNTY COURT AT LAW (Misdemeanor Cases)

How do I find out my court date?
The County Clerk will send a summons to the address on your bond once the case is filed. Thereafter, you will receive a new court date before leaving the courtroom. To find out a court date after a bond is posted, contact the County Clerk.

How do I change a court date?
Attendance is strictly enforced. Failure to attend court will result in the defendant being rearrested for Failure To Appear. However, to request another court date, contact your attorney or the County Clerk.

How do I pay my fine and court costs?
When a judgment is entered, you will most likely be required to pay a fine and court costs. If you are reporting to a supervision officer, the monies should be remitted to the probation office. If you are not supervised, the monies should be remitted to the County Clerk. For Hot Check cases, you may be required to remit monies to the County Attorney's Office.

I'm the Defendant. How do I obtain a copy of my offense report?
For adult cases, once the case is filed with the County Clerk, it is the general policy of the County Attorney to release a copy of all discoverable material to the defendant's attorney for a flat fee of $5.00. The fee for a copy of any video tape/CD/DVD is $5.00 regardless of the number of items.

I'm the Victim. How do I obtain a copy of the offense report?
While a case is active, the State's file is not considered an open record and there are restrictions. If you are a victim of crime and require information about your case, contact our Victim Services department for assistance.

I'm set for court.
The County Attorney may not discuss your case with you. If you want to enter into a plea bargain, you should consult with your attorney who will contact the county Attorney’s Office.

If you cannot hire an attorney, you may request the court to appoint one for you.

If I take the plea bargain, do I still have to appear in court?
YES! You must appear in court or the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest for Failure To Appear.

Who do I contact for questions about my probation terms?
Prior to judgment, contact your attorney regarding any questions about the State's plea bargain offer and probation terms.

Once placed on probation, contact the Community Supervision and Corrections Department (aka CSCD or Adult Probation) at (830) 249-6857. They will provide specific information necessary to comply with your probation terms. To transfer probation to another county, contact the Community Supervision and Corrections Department. They will explain the process and complete the necessary paperwork.

I violated my probation terms and believe that there is a warrant. What do I do?
Contacting the Community Supervision and Corrections Department is a good place to start. Depending on your performance history, they may be willing to assist you in clearing up the matter. The County Attorney will not intercede to recall the warrant without a recommendation from your supervision officer.

Upon arrest, you may or may not be allowed to post a bond. Contact an attorney or a bail bondsman to assist with posting a bond. For information about the warrant, contact the County Warrant Officer at (830) 249-9721.

I'm a prisoner in jail and unable to post a bond. How do I get to court?
If you are unable to attain an attorney, the law provides that one will be appointed to represent you. Request an application for a court appointed attorney from the Jail Administrator. Once appointed, the attorney should make contact with you within a short period of time. Your attorney may seek a lower bond or a PR bond in appropriate cases. The County Attorney's Office will notify the jail and the attorney of the next date for the "prisoner court docket". Note that some misdemeanor cases are postponed pending the disposition of higher felony crimes.

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My child was detained and was referred to Juvenile Court. When is the court date?
The Juvenile Probation Office will serve the child and parent(s) with a court summons after the case is filed. Thereafter, a new court date will be assigned to you before leaving the courtroom. If the court date is not known, contact the child's attorney, the Juvenile Probation Office or the County Clerk.

How do I change a court date?
Because all juvenile cases must have representation by attorney, contact the child's attorney for assistance.

Where do we pay the court costs or restitution?
After a disposition is entered in the case, pay court costs and restitution to the child's Juvenile Probation Officer.

How do I obtain a copy of the offense report?
In juvenile cases, the County Attorney allows inspection of the State's file by the child's attorney. To maintain the highest level of confidentiality, copies are generally not allowed, but will be considered by the County Attorney on a case by case basis.

How do I seal my child's juvenile records?
Talk to the child's attorney about the eligibility of your child's records. Make a written request to the court and the Juvenile Probation Office. Specific questions should be directed to the Juvenile Probation Office.

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How do I contest a traffic ticket?
If you believe you are innocent of the ticket, notify the judge of the Justice of the Peace Court (noted at the bottom of the ticket) that you request a trial. Your case will be forwarded to the County Attorney for review. You will receive a plea bargain offer from the County Attorney prior to trial. At the trial, the ticketing officer will present his testimony about the offense. You will be given the opportunity to present any relevant testimony in your defense. You may be represented by an attorney that you employ or you may represent yourself.

How do I request to have a defensive driving course applied to a ticket?
If you are eligible to take a defensive driving course to clear the ticket, make a written request and follow the instructions on the citation. If you are unsure, contact the judge of the court noted at the bottom of the citation.

How do I pay my ticket?
For traffic tickets issued by a DPS Trooper, Deputy Sheriff or Constable, you should mail in payment following the directions on your citation or contact the judge of the Justice of the Peace Court noted at the bottom of the citation. For tickets issued in the City of Boerne or the City of Fair Oaks Ranch note the following:

City of Boerne Municipal court
124 Old San Antonio Road
Boerne, TX  78006
Ph: (830) 248-1504
Fx: (830) 331-9465

City of Fair Oaks Ranch Municipal Court
7286 Dietz Elkhorn
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX  78015
Ph: (210) 698-0983
Fx: (210) 698-3565

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What can I do about delinquent Child Support?
To obtain enforcement of a child support order, contact the attorney who represented you in the divorce proceeding or the Child Support Division of the Texas Attorney General, at (800) 252-8014.

I'm concerned about child custody and parental rights. What do I do?
Child custody and parental rights matters are addressed in Family Law Courts, which in Kendall County are the County Court At Law and the 216th Judicial District Court. In most circumstances, you will require the services of an attorney. If you do not have an attorney, contact the Bar Association for a referral.

How do I obtain Obtain the Family Code?
Here is a family code link to the website of Texas Legislature OnLine, which offers support in researching the Texas Statutes. FAMILY CODE

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Where do I get information on labor laws?

Information on employer and employee rights may be obtained from the following websites:

Texas Workforce Commission:

Employers Hotline 800-832-9394
Employees Hotline 800-832-2829

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How do I help a family member having a mental health crisis?
If the person is in immediate danger to self or others, call 9-1-1 for emergency assistance. Otherwise, contact the Kendall County Mental Health Center at (830) 249-9328. In some cases, they will process commitment papers to a Mental Health facility for observation and treatment.

Where is the Kendall County Mental Health Center located?

Kendall County Mental Health Center
221 Fawn Vally Dr. #500, Boerne, Texas 78006
Telephone (830) 249-9328
FAX: (830) 249-9238
Hours Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
24-Hour Crisis Hotline (877) 466-0660
Tollfree: (800) 325-8931

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How do I report a crime?
If you believe a crime has been committed in the City of Boerne, contact the Boerne Police department at the Boerne Police Department (830) 249-8645.

If you believe a crime has been committed in the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, contact the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department (210) 698-0990.

If you believe a crime has occurred, in Kendall County, outside the City of Boerne or the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, contact the Kendall County Sheriff's Office at (830) 249-9721

Where can I find information about the offense?
Below we've provided links which offers support in researching the Texas Statutes.

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How do I obtain Open Records of Kendall County?
Make a written request and direct the request to the specific County Department. In some cases, the law allows the County to withhold the records, but the County must notify The Attorney General of Texas that the documents are being withheld. The Attorney General will review the reason stated for withholding the information in accordance with law and issue its determination on whether or not the records should be released.

The Attorney General of Texas provides answers to frequently asked questions on Open Records and the Public Information Act on its website or call (800) 252-8011.

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What Precinct am I in?
See Precinct Map.
There is a problem in my precinct. How do I get a remedy?

Report the problem to your Precinct Commissioner. The Commissioner may refer you to another County department for assistance.

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Can you answer my questions about wills, testaments and probate law?
The County Attorney cannot provide answers to civil questions regarding probate law. It is recommended that you contact an attorney who practices probate law to assist you. Obtain a referral from a friend or see the ATTORNEYS section.

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What can I do about domestic violence?
The term Domestic Violence applies to threats, harassment, verbal abuse, assaults and other physical violence between members of a family or household. To report domestic violence, contact local law enforcement and Victim Services.

How do I obtain a protective order?
The law provides that in very particular situations, a family or household member may be removed from the home for the protection of others in the household. If the removed person returns to the home in violation of a court order, he may be arrested by law enforcement and charged with Violation of Protective Order. There is no cost for protective orders. Costs of court may be assessed against the Respondent.

How do I obtain a restraining order?
A restraining order varies from a protective order in that a violation will result in civil contempt of court proceedings instead of arrest. The County Attorney's Office does not provide restraining orders. Contact an attorney or the Bar Association for a referral. See ATTORNEYS.

If I don't qualify for a protective order, what can I do to protect myself?

To protect yourself, use common sense. Try not to put yourself in harm's way if you can avoid a confrontation. The best protection is to walk away before a confrontation begins. If possible, use the buddy system and have a friend with you. Also, be aware of the following Penal Code laws in place for the protection of the public. Violation of these laws should be reported to law enforcement immediately. The officer will make a report, and in some cases, may obtain a warrant for the arrest of the perpetrator.

Assault By threat or Physical Contact: Class C assault is by threat or physical contact without bodily injury. Generally, this offense is filed in the Justice of the Peace Court. Report this offense to a law enforcement agency.

Assault With Bodily Injury: For Class A assault with bodily injury, the injury may be the sensation of pain, a bruise or reddening of the skin. This offense will be filed in the County Court At Law. Life threatening assaults or an assault involving a weapon may be filed in the District Court. Report these offenses to a law enforcement agency as soon as possible so that evidence may be gathered--photographs, medical records, and witness statements.

Threats: Terroristic Threat is a severe threat which causes a person to be in immediate fear of imminent serious bodily injury. Lesser threats do not apply here. If you receive a serious threat, take immediate precautions to protect yourself and dial 9-1-1 for emergency assistance.

Harassment: Keep a detailed log to document all harassment. In your log, note the date, time, activity and any witness to the act. Harassment is a broad offense which generally applies to abusive communications by telephone or writing. Typically, the person is making obscene, threatening, or repetitive communications. Submit your detailed log of harassment activity to your law enforcement agency.

Stalking: Keep a detailed log to document all harassment. In your log, note the date, time, activity and any witness to the act. Stalking occurs when a person severely harasses another by following, abusing, calling or writing with intent to intimidate and control another. If you believe the person may be parked on your street, it is suggested you contact law enforcement to report the suspicious vehicle. They will investigate and most likely the person will tire of law enforcement scrutiny. Submit your detailed log of harassment activity to your law enforcement agency. Seek further relief by contacting Victim Services.

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What information do I need to conduct a raffle?
Information on the regulation of raffles may be obtained from the website of the Texas Attorney General on Charitable Raffles or call (512)463-2100.

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Where do I obtain information concerning subdivisions regulations for Kendall County?
Contact the Development Management office at (830) 249-9343 for assistance in the following areas:

  • for a permit for building, well, septic or driveway access to a County Road
  • to obtain a variance or exception to a development rule or regulation
  • for information on the regulation of subdivisions
  • for 911 rural addressing.

Contact an attorney regarding the violation of your Home Owners Association regulations or deed restrictions.

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Where can a person learn about treatment for alcohol or drub abuse?
In Kendall County contact the following or try their website for additional information:

Hill Country Council On Alcohol And Drug Abuse
1456 Sidney Baker North
Kerrville, Texas 78028
Telephone (830) 896-8884
FAX: (830) 896-8919

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What happens if my child does not go to school?
Your child will be referred to the Justice of the Peace Court. Truancy is covered under the Texas Education Code. Below we've provided a link to the website of Texas Legislature OnLine, which offer support in researching the Texas Statutes.

  • Parent contributing to Truancy, Texas Education Code Sec. 25.093
  • Childs Failure to Attend School, Texas Education Code Sec. 25.094
  • Warning Notices, Texas Education Code Sec. 25.095
  • School District Complaint or Referral, Texas Education Code Sec. 25.0951
  • Procedures Applicable to Truancy Related Offenses, Texas Education Code Sec. 25.0952

What type of santions and penalties can be issued?
The School may file a complaint against the student or the student's parent or both in the Justice of the Peace Court for an offense under Section 25.093 or 25.094, as appropriate, or refer the student to the Juvenile court for conduct that violates Section 25.094. The student may also be referred to a juvenile court for conduct indicating a need for supervision under Section 51.03(b)(2), Family Code. As penalties, the parent may face a $500 fine for each day the child is unlawfully absent from school. The child may face supervision terms and conditions under the Juvenile Court.

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How do I obtain information on Crime Victim Rights?
If you are a victim of crime who has suffered a financial loss due to the crime, you may qualify for services under the Crime Victims Compensation Act. More information on crime victim rights may be obtained from the website of the Texas Attorney General or by calling 1-800-983-9933. You should also contact our Victim Services Coordinator.

What is the Crime Victim Compensation Fund?
Victims of violence and their families must deal with the emotional, physical, and financial aftermath of crime. The Texas Crime Victims Compensation Fund helps innocent victims and their families when they have no other means of paying for the financial cost of crime. For more information, contact our Victim Services Coordinator.

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